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What will the party debate in Brighton?

by Zoe O'Connell on Fri, 20 Jul 2018

Federal Conference Committee met this weekend – unusually at Amnesty HQ in London rather than LDHQ – to set the Agenda for Autumn conference in Brighton.

If you have not yet registered, please don’t forget – conference runs from the 15th to 18th September, and you can sign up at Or, if you’d like to take advantage of our new refer-a-friend discounts, see


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5 Things You Need To Know About The New Brexit Secretary

by Liberal Democrats on Thu, 19 Jul 2018

1. He approves of a higher pay rate for men

His statements on the gender pay gap are shocking. He stated, “men work longer hours, die earlier but retire later than women.” He expanded, saying “from the cradle to the grave, men get the raw deal”.

Raab's comments are completely out of touch with reality, plain and simple.

2. He wants to dismantle the Human Rights Act

Dominic Raab has referred to the legislation that grants every UK citizen fundamental rights and freedoms as “rushed” and “flawed”. He attempted to dismantle human rights by introducing a British Bill of Rights which was quickly rejected.

Dominic Raab only values certain liberties and freedoms, and he misses the mark on an entire system of rights that maintains a sense of checks and balances on state abuse of power.

3. He calls feminists “obnoxious bigots”

Let us not forget Raab’s ignorant comments calling feminists the “most obnoxious bigots”.

Raab thinks it is unnecessary to close the equality gap amongst men and women. In fact, he believes if there is an equality gap, it's men who get the short end of the stick and that we need to focus on the issue of improving men’s rights.

He thinks that if women were to be seen as equals in the workforce, many men would be turned off by a women obtaining more success than their male peers. It's the 21st century, Dominic...

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Mandela Day

by Liberal Democrats on Wed, 18 Jul 2018

It is a day when we must remember that every person has the power to change the world.

It has been 100 years since Mandela's birth. His dedication to the service of humanity and his contribution to the struggle for democracy continue to inspire millions of people.

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Exit from Brexit Campaign Pack

by Rhiannon Leaman on Tue, 17 Jul 2018

Campaign Pack

I’m excited to announce our summer campaign pack is coming off the printer and I wanted to share this news with you now so you can begin planning how you are going to use yours.

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Leave cheated

by Richard Newby on Tue, 17 Jul 2018

Last night’s customs bill votes

by Alistair Carmichael MP on Tue, 17 Jul 2018

Brexit is the most important issue in a generation. And as Liberal Democrats we have taken on the responsibility of stopping it. We’re the only Party united in this aim.

Last night I messed up. The government squeaked home by just 3 votes in a key amendment. It should have been 1.

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How We Got Out Our Vote

by Mary Regnier-Wilson on Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Elections are won or lost on Polling Day. One of our target seats in 2017 should have won their seat, but we didn’t run a proper GOTV campaign for him and he lost by 2 votes. That wasn’t going to happen again. 

GOTV (or get out the vote) is the process of getting those people you have identified as potential Lib Dem voters to put their cross in your box.

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Customs and Trade Bills Update

by Tom Brake on Mon, 16 Jul 2018

In the next few days, MPs will vote on the Customs (Taxation) and Trade Bills. These bills will be both pivotal to our future relationship with the EU and a battleground for parliamentary democracy itself.

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Sal Speaks: July 2018

by Sal Brinton on Sat, 14 Jul 2018

On 23 June thousands of members and supporters of the Lib Dems joined over one hundred thousand marchers in the People’s Vote demonstration to Parliament Square. Your Federal Board curtailed our meeting at HQ to come and join you, and it was a wonderful event! Vince spoke from the platform with strength and conviction, aided with the knowledge that our party is united in wanting both a People’s Vote and an Exit from Brexit.

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Charlatan Trump an enemy of the people

by Vince Cable on Fri, 13 Jul 2018

How we communicated our messages

by Mary Regnier-Wilson on Thu, 12 Jul 2018

Opposition Debate

by Liberal Democrats on Tue, 10 Jul 2018

Today our MPs had an opposition debate in the House of Commons.

We asked members and supporters of the Liberal Democrats to vote to decide what our opposition debate would be about: a final say on the Brexit deal, how we will fund the NHS into the future, and Trump's visit to the UK.

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Day of Brexit Chaos

by Liberal Democrats on Tue, 10 Jul 2018

Theresa May tried to portray strength as her Cabinet decamped to Chequers to review her Brexit plans. Rebels ministers were warned they would lose their official cars if they resigned, with taxis on standby to shuttle the disloyal back to London.

This was May's moment to bring her Cabinet in line.

For a moment, it appeared that May had managed to quietly stifle dissent. Then the dam broke.

Late Sunday night, the Prime Minister's own Brexit Secretary, David Davis, resigned.

Oops Theresa May. 

The British people woke Monday morning to the image of a government in disarray as the PM's chief Brexit negotiator finally jumped ship.

The Tories then held their breath wondering if any other resignations would follow. Coincidentally, people couldn't pin down a certain Foreign Secretary...

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David Davis and Brexit Chaos

by Tom Brake on Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Bluntly, David Davis' resignation today makes it clear: this government is up shit creek without a paddle.

It is obvious to all - Brexiters and Remainers alike - that Theresa May cannot deliver on Brexit.

This is most important issue in a generation and the government has failed.

"This Government is up s**t creek without a paddle"

There's only one option for them now. Hand Brexit back over to the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal, and include the option to remain in the EU.

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Black Pride

by Nadya Phoenix on Sun, 08 Jul 2018

How we targeted our canvassing

by Mary Regnier-Wilson on Fri, 06 Jul 2018

The last article talked about building your team - once you’ve got them you have to give them something to do.  Delivering leaflets is essential, but the most effective thing we can do to get people to vote for us is talk to them.

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Marked Registers - what next?

by Bansri Buddhdev on Thu, 05 Jul 2018

Last month was the deadline to buy marked register data from your local council for last year’s snap General Election.

So you are now probably in possession of lots of data. But how do you get it into connect?

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Opposition Debates

by Bansri Buddhdev on Wed, 04 Jul 2018

What is an opposition day debate?

Opposition Days are a chance for opposition party's to decide on a motion for debate in the House of Commons. In most cases the Official Opposition will choose the topic, but this Tuesday we will get to set the agenda and debate an issue of our choosing. We only get to lead opposition day debates once a year, so we want to ensure we use this to debate the issue which is most important to our members.

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