Prestwich – Manchester Cycle Way

Posted August 27, 2014

In 2013 the Government granted monies to Greater Manchester which will allow for a £20 million investment (over two years) in cycling infrastructure. The aim is to increase the percentage of journeys that are made in the county by bike.

One of the first aspects of this investment is a proposed Manchester – Prestwich cycle route, which links the city centre to Prestwich and Middleton ending in Heaton Park.

The proposed route goes from Heaton Park and uses quieter roads and some new ‘cycle only’ paths through Collyhurst and the Irk Valley towards the city centre.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 10.17.32

There is also some discussion (and some Government money) for improvements on the Prestwich side of the border, but more information to follow on these as the scheme is developed.

On the main route to Manchester I have already made a number of comments but would be interested to hear from other people – both cyclists and potential cyclists on the proposals.

This investment is a great opportunity but it is important we get it right!


Simister Green Street Cleaning

Posted August 27, 2014

Just to let people know that Simister Green had a special street clean last week following a request from me in response to local residents.

The team have I understand cleaned a number of areas, but remained constrained by the overhanging bushes at the western side of the green, which – which I will see if it is possible to have cleared.



Please let me know if there are further issues to take up.


Metrolink Pigeon Update

Posted August 27, 2014

Just an update on the continuing issue of pigeons and their droppings at the two Metrolink bridges near to Prestwich station.

After requests from me Metrolink have repaired the netting at the pedestrian bridge (Poppythorn Lane), and I have requested that Metrolink now take action on the road bridge (Fairfax Road) where the netting has almost vanished.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 09.40.04

In the meantime the Council have agreed to undertake a power wash of the pavement underneath the bridge which has become very slippery as a result of the pigeons.


Ever thought of opening a market stall?

Posted August 23, 2014

Budding entrepreneurs are invited to a free event at Bury Library called Setting Up as a Market Trader on Thursday 18 September.

Corin Bland, proprietor of High Peak Beer Company in Stockport Victorian Market Hall, will give an insight into his personal experiences of setting up and running a successful business.

Gary Phillips, information services librarian, will provide details of the resources that the library service has to offer.

The event runs from 6pm to 8pm, and Delicious of Bury will be providing free refreshments.

To register for a free ticket, click here.

Healther Together – Major Review of Greater Manchester Health Services

Posted August 19, 2014

The NHS in Greater Manchester is currently consulting with members of the public about its proposals for the future of some aspects of healthcare in Greater Manchester.

This is a very important consultation which will affect how we receive healthcare in future years. In particular it will affect which hospitals we need to attend for some services.

We are interested on your views on these proposals and are asking residents to take part in this short survey.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 11.25.36

Much of the emphasis in the review is about trying to ensure that as much healthcare as possible can be delivered sensibly outside of hospitals and closer to people’s homes. This has been a long term ‘direction of travel’ for the NHS and many of us will be familiar with accessing services in health centres.

The most significant changes relate to some hospital based services. At present Greater Manchester has 12 hospitals. At 10 of these hospitals (including Fairfield and North Manchester) a full 24/7 service is provided.

The proposal is to reduce the number of hospitals with the capacity for full emergency surgery to just 3-5 hospitals.

Crucially for us in Prestwich, Whitefield and rest of Bury, these 3-5 hospitals will NOT include EITHER of our local hospitals – Fairfield and North Manchester.

In the proposals:
Manchester Royal Informary (MRI)
Salford Royal (Hope)
Royal Oldham
will definitely have the full emergency surgery service.

There is a consultation on which one or two of:
will have the full service.

In the consultation there are NO options which allow for the full service at:
North Manchester
(Rochdale and Trafford who already do not have the full 24/7 service)

What is proposed
To designate 4 or 5 hospitals in our region as specialist hospital for patients needing an emergency or complex operation.

In simple terms my understanding is that this means life-threatening things which could require emergency surgery – e.g. a blue light ambulance incidence, but could be anything up from a complex appendicitis. Apparently this is about 1 in 30 current attendances at A&E.

The majority of patients needing emergency care and patients needing routine operations will continue to receive their care locally in local General hospitals.

More detail on these proposals can be found in our Consultation Document and
our Guide to Best Care.

What does this mean to us
The main impact to us in Prestwich, Whitefield and the rest of Bury is that we will need to travel further for a major medical condition – most likely to either MRI, Hope or the Royal Oldham.

The proposals make the very valid point that what matters is getting the very best medical care, and that lives could be saved if there were fewer specialist hospitals.

However, the pre-consultation document identified that around 50% of people could be adversely affected by a longer public transport journey AND by a longer car or ambulance journey. MPs from across the region have raised concerns about the consultation in Parliament. Bury South’s Labour MP did not speak in the debate

The consultation is currently underway, and we are really interested in your views, and in particular on the transport impact to people of having to use MRI or Hope as opposed to Fairfield or North Manchester.

We’ve done a short survey to ask you about access and transport to our local health services. The results of this can be fed into the consultation by local councillors.

Please take a minute to fill the survey in.


Metrolink Bridge Prestwich Metrolink

Posted August 19, 2014

Just to update residents about the issue the nuisance of pigeons which can be a problem on the Metrolink bridges over roads in the area.

Following information from residents I have been working to get Metrolink to take action on the ‘pedestrian’ bridge near Prestwich Metrolink (not Fairfax Road, but the one nearer the station).

Metrolink have agreed to repair the netting to deter pigeons from using the bridge.

There are also some issues with the other bridge (Fairfax Road) which I have raised again with Metrolink.

Street Cleaning Simister Lane and Simister Green

Posted August 19, 2014

Just to update people on a couple of issues around street cleaning in and around Simister Village.

A number of people have commented on the need for additional cleaning in the Simister Green area. A clean has been arranged for next week. I would be grateful if people could let me know if issues persist.

There also seems to be an issue with the mud and other waste from farm vehicles at one of the chicanes coming into the village which is not only causing the need for roads to need cleaning, but also a potential safety issue as cars negotiate the chicane at speed.

I  have asked to discuss this with both street cleaning and Highways and will report back.


Dementia Services News

Posted August 19, 2014

Just an update on a number of services to help people with and affected by dementia in the Bury area – hope this is useful:

Elms Dementia Cafe
The Elms Dementia Cafe takes places 10.30am – 12.30pm at Elms Community Centre once a month.

The upcoming dates are:
- 12 September 2014
Fire Safety Talk with Bury Fire Service

- 10 October 2014
Vicky Marden, Carers Service Officer – Help and Advice

- 14 November 2014
Tracing Steps Ballroom Dancing

- 12 December 2014
Musical Magic with LLE music service

Dementia Family Fun Event
Takes place at Elizabethan Suitel Bury Town Hall on Sunday 5 October 2014 – 2.00-5.00pm

Tickets are adults £8 children £3 – light refreshments included.

Bury Dementia Choir
28 August
11 September
25 September
at St John’s Church Hall Tottington 1.00-3.00pm

The organisers tell u that: “for dementia sufferers, music unlocks the door for real personality to shine. The power of song is triggering the memories of many people and giving them a new lease in life. All are welcome to join”.

More information on these services from [email protected]

New Planning Application Westholme Road

Posted August 16, 2014

A new planning application has been received within Holyrood Ward as below:

Application Number: 57854
Registration Date: 04/08/2014

Location: 9 Westholme Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 2RE
Proposal: Single storey extension at side and conservatory at rear

More details (use the planning applications number to search) are available here. Any problems or questions please just get in touch.


Important Review of Adult Care Services

Posted August 12, 2014

Bury Council is currently reviewing a great deal of its adult care services with, we suspect, some very significant changes to come.

The review, called ‘Future Service Options’ is reviewing the delivery of some adult social care services in the future in the light of reducing budgets. There will be a report to the Council’s Cabinet in October, but before then staff and ‘customers’ are being consulted with.

The services which are being considered are those which support people with a learning disability and/or physical disability and older people. They deliver supported living, residential care, floating support, day care and short stay. The teams are:
- Grundy, Pinfold Lane, Spurr House, Elmhurst
- Woodbury, Positive Lives, LDST, Shared Lives
- LD Day Services, ReStart

Options which are being considered (This is information from the Council)

Closure of some services
If services remain in-house and are delivered on less budget some services would have to stop. Money would then be spent on a smaller number of ‘priority’ services.

Outsource – Private Sector / Voluntary Sector
This involves the move of elements of council business to one or more external providers.

Alternative Service Delivery Models
The Council mentions two ‘alternative models’
Local Authority Trading Company (LATC)
Set up a company separate from the Local Authority – e.g. Staff Mutuals (Co-ops) or Social Enterprise

I am very keen that people who use these services or who are carers and family of people who use these services are listened to in this consultation process so please do not hesitate to get in touch – [email protected] – at any time. I have asked for a meeting with the Executive Director and am happy to raise any concerns local residents might have.

There is much more information available on this issue in this “Briefing for Customers” from the Council